Cloning, the New Frontier

Cloning, while not as in the forefront today as it has been, is still a hotly contested topic.  The arguments against it are both religious and biological.  Many people feel that it is like “playing god” while others claim that it is an abomination.  Still others are benefiting from this process daily, and living longer and healthier lives.  When it comes down to it, there are good arguments on both sides of the debate, but the potential benefits of this technology far outweigh the cons.  To illustrate this, I will discuss the benefits with regard to parenting.  The aspects that validate the human cloning process are vast, but the ones I will focus on today are as follows:

1. The ability to solve infertility in couples.

2. The ability to save endangered species.

3. Stopping diseases from being passed down to children.

Cloning would be very helpful for infertile couples who want a child, because the process would allow them to simply clone one of the spouses.  This process could also be used with Gay and Lesbian couples, who want children.  This would eliminate the tiresome process  of finding a surrogate mother.  Along that same vine, women who want twins would be able to have them without having to go through two pregnancies.

The second claim, that cloning will be able to save endangered species is self explanatory.  By cloning an animal and breeding it with another one in the wild, the animal’s DNA will be able to pass on to the next generation.  Many arguments, religious or otherwise, contest this fact and claim that breeding between a cloned and natural animals is will eliminate bio-genetic diversity.  This is not true.

In fact, according to The Human Genome Project, even when reproductive cloning is used, the created animal is not an identical clone of the donor animal, as only one chromosome is identical.  An example of this type of animals is Dolly the sheep,  an animal cloned using reproductive cloning who was able to live fore 7 years and become an adult sheep.

The third claim, that cloning will reduce the amount of diseases passed down to offspring is also applicable to every society.  With diseases like HIV, AIDS, Muscular Distrophy, etc that can be passed down to children, this process will allow people with these awful diseases to have children with out fear of ruining their lives.

While the success rate is low, the potential benefits of this technology are far too great for it to be ignored.  With future research and practice, this can save lives and give life to parents who could otherwise never have children. Interestingly enough, human cloning is all ready saving lives, as cloned fetuses are being used to cure diseases that would otherwise be fatal.  Furthermore, animals produced by this process are still have have bio-genetic diversity, and can thus create new offspring.  This principle could also be applied to humans.  Once perfected, this process will be an integral part of our society, and we will all benefit from it.

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