Annotated Bibliography

Pence, Gregory E.  The Ethics of Food.  Lanham: Roman & Littlefield Publishers Inc., 2002. Print.

In Pence’s book, he summariazes various takes on the GMO debate.  The articles are both for and against the use of GMOs.  Some delve into the potential for the process ending world hunger and others mention the risks associated with it.

Baylis, Francois & Robert Jason. Bioethics. Volume 18 Number 1 2004

In this article, Baylis and Robert describe the landscape of Biotechnology today and the arguments for and against them.  They also describe how these technologies are redefining various industries and are giving humans the ability shape they way they interact with their environment.

Sparrow, Robert. Bioethics. Volume 20, Issue 6. November 2006

This article describes a different part of the cloning process, namely the the parenting of a cloned individual.  This is one topic that we had not thought about, but according to the essay, the individual who is the parent of the cloned individual, is the one who donated the DNA for its creation.  This seems intuitive, but in the case of adopting a cloned individual, this could become a very heated debate.

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