Hello! My name is Luke and I am a senior at the University of Maryland studying English, Rhetoric and Philosophy.  My hobbies include sports, reading, music, and traveling.  I first became interested in biotechnology and genetic engineering at a relatively young age as I come from a very conservative and religious family that is always keeping up with the latest morally debatable issues.  Because of my conservative upbringing this topic is very interesting to me.  I believe that we should use every means available to us (within reason) in order to advance science and medicine, and in-turn hopefully make life better for all.  Practices like stem-cell research provide endless opportunities to increase our knowledge about the way the body works.  This knowledge similarly allows us to make developments in medicine that would otherwise may not have happened.  However, practices like specifically embryonic stem-cell research come into conflict with my personal beliefs about when life begins and the rights of the unborn.  Through this blog and this debate we will explore various arguments for and against the many practices related to genetic engineering and biotechnological research.  I hope to expand my perspective and a gain a greater knowledge of these issues while working on this blog, and ultimately develop a more informed and educated opinion on this topic.



About lukecham

Senior at the University of Maryland. Studying English, Rhetoric and Philosophy. Go Terps!
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